Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT): TKT is a test from University of Cambridge ESOL about teaching English to speakers of other languages. TKT aims to increase teachers’ confidence and enhance job prospects by focussing on the core teaching knowledge needed by teachers of primary, secondary or adult learners, anywhere in the world.

TKT is a popular choice for schools and institutions looking for a way to certify English language teachers. There is a growing understanding that learners of English require knowledgeable teachers, and TKT is rapidly gaining a reputation as the most effective means of ensuring this.

The TKT core modules are designed to provide a foundation in the practice and principles of language teaching.

TKT Module 1 – Background to language Teaching: It tests candidates’ knowledge of the terms and concepts common in English language Teaching. It also focuses on the core knowledge underpinning the learning of English and knowledge of the options and resources the teachers can use in their classroom.
TKT Module 2 – Planning for language teaching: It focuses on the knowledge and skills teachers need to be able to plan a lesson framework or series of lessons. Teaching in this context also refers to any assessment required by the teachers to consolidate learning. It also focuses on the resources that are available to guide teachers in their lesson planning.
TKT Module 3 – Classroom Management: It tests candidates knowledge of what happens in the classroom during language learning, the teacher’s role and the ways in which the teacher can manage and exploit classroom events and interactions with students.